Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tech Guide 2 questions

What are main differences/distinction between system software and application software?

-Application software is the class of computer instructions that directs a computer system to perform specific processing activities and provide functionality for users. Whereas system software is the class of computer software that serve primarily as an intermediary between computer hardware and application programs; provides important self-regulatory functions for computer systems.

What are the two main types of system software?

System control programs (control the use of the hardware, software and the data resources of a computer system . the main system control program is the operating system – supervises all operations of the computer) and system support programs (supports the operations, management, and users of a computer system by providing a variety of support services. Examples of ssp are system utility programs, performance monitors and security monitors)

What is the difference between proprietary and open source software? What considerations should be made when a business selects either software.

Proprietary application software is software that addresses specific or unique business need for a company whereas open source software is software made available in source code form at no extra cost. A business should choose proprietary software if it is a firm that in need of unique and specific software, if not, it should just obtain the general software, open source software as it is the cheaper alternative. open source software leaves the purchaser with the alternative of editing the source code and hence customising the software to suit certain needs, and the lack of necessity of a license leaves the individual free to distriute the product.

What are some of the legal issues involved in acquiring and using software in most businesses/organizations?

Copying software is illegal. The Software Publishers Association (SPA) has stated that software piracy costs software vendors around the world approximately $15 billion. in order to use propriety software the business must ensure that it is not using it illegally, this is done by obtaining a license. however the software must not be distributed. nonetheless, open source software is free to all and can be distributed to all people.

What is meant by SaaS? Name some examples of this software.

Software-as-a-service --> it is a method of delivering software in which a vendor hosts the application. Customers access these applications over a network, typically the internet.

some examples of SaaS include:

--> microsoft live

--> google docs

--> sales force online CRM

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